Hello World

by Primary Element

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This album/mixtape will mark the second project by Primary Element, following the first album, "Lost in a Dream" (on itunes)...Enjoy and thank you for the support.


released May 30, 2010



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Track Name: Never in a Million
Steve (verse 1):

No one on the corna gotta swagga like mwah
I can rap I can see do, re, me, fa,
lemme cater to u later got dis road I gotta paver,
moneys lookin kinna bumpy in the studio I labor,
so that I obtain my paper and my kool aids n my favor stirrin up the world so different that Im makin my own flavor,
my demeanors OD tryna get my pockets OC,
Ima charge the game like a low battery, energizer bunny...
Funny y'all up under me lotta d's
lotta low economy
but im trynna get milion,
and I'ma shine up from the top dat building
pour my soul out as I kill em
for the ones dats gonna feel em


never in a million
could you ever find somebody like me
I said never in a million
Could you ever find somebody like me

Mike (verse 2)

Face the facts,
I was gone but now im coming back
Wit a brand new swag and a verse to put on tracks
Man I thought I told yall before
Primary element in stores, but now they want more
All these otha rappas wanna be like us
They hit the green all we need is captain crunch
Camouflage chameleon
Never in a million
Years that I would think that we would rock like this
Number one hits man we dropped bout six
Man I told yall that we gone rock like this
When the beat drops man worlds unfold
Worlds explode
Keep a poker face texas hold
So replenished
Gods gifts shower me hourly
Demons battle me I diminish
Sick flowin, wrist glowin,
Man I wont stop this until im finished


stan (verse 3)
Track Name: Into You
Steve (verse 1)

Colorful and bright, somethin like my nikes, maybe my adidas cus she
never less than… fresh
Not Just how she dress, keeps her head in books, puts her brain to
work so she can pass the… test,
She's tends to make my goosebumps appear, (sing) im lovin it when you are here
and she often makes my not-so-sures clear, this girl is outts hear she's my imagineer


im-so-in- to you
im-so-in- to you
im so into you (x3)
im-so-in- to you

she got me up in the-
clouds im travelin its
the way she walkin how shes talking that’s what draws me in but
shes not the typical her kisses like the mistletoe
I can be her santa baby, she can be my lady. MAYBE
We can fly away, take me to that higher place im,
In a daze ive never seen such a pretty face but,
Its not the physical,
Lovin how she’s spiritual
A million words cant explain how much im really into you
Style is so amazing but her swaggas on infinity
Triple A lovin keep me goin she ma energy
Lovin how shes into me too
And all the lovin we do
If we apart once we start again she need to re-coop
Anc im her nebulizer
Everyday her fantasizer
Her sanatizer, I cant help but keep ma hands around her
And if u drownin baby let me help you breathe
Ur just a lilly on the surface trynna get freed

Track Name: Fireflies (remix)
Steve (verse 1)

I really needa place to be at Where there are
Hukuna mattas and Ritas. Yep yep yep yep
I gotta dream simple of things and
Chill in da cabin in da mountains. Wit my boys and my boo and
they got they boos too and we don't gotta clue what to do we just do
Like nights in intunsia, sit back and count my blessings
Forget the stressing, corrections, man that stuffs so depressing
Getcha girl and ya guy and hop up on in that ride
Homie tell your girl that she sweeter than that apple pie
We da firefa fireflies, in the sky we abide, inspiration inside, music
runnin through my mind
Forgot the other guys, u be the man iight
Get on yo super high, and go 'head live your super life
For ever single night, everythings gon turn right
Cus ain't to the lefts beyonce better get It right


You would not believe your eyes
If ten million fire flies
Lit up the air as I fell asleep

Cause they’d fill the open air
And leave teardrops everywhere
You’d think me rude
But I would just stand and stare

Mike (Verse 2)

I need a girl I call ma sweetest
She would be more than a women something like Aaliyah
And we would be chillen up on the clouds or in the treetops
And she would keep singin for me even wh-when the beat stops
Im tryna live a life where money just aint an issue
Im in the studio wit different beats that I can spit to
Im cruising in the cadi elderado
Skiing in Colorado
In the winter I would for a spring and everyone would fallow
Im in a world where evil doesn’t exist,
Happiness is just a mountain and im climbing to the tip
On a train of positivity a-aint no redirection
And im ballin all day, every plays an interception
Take u back to a time where everybody use to dream
Everything was always peaches oreos and ice cream
It seems we lost sight of everything that made us,
Look in the mirror find yourself and maybe we can save us



id like to make myself believe
that planet earth turns slowly
its hard to say that id rather stay awake when im asleep
cause everything is never as it seems

Stan (verse 3)

I got a lotta senioritas
But this one I almost tripped in my adidas
When I saw, that she was all about the prize and that was me
And now getting butterflies
So I told her that, we can change the world, never lookin back
Livin in the moment
Tryna touch the sky, girl how bad you wanna
See them fireflies in the sky, u can get’em if you try
I aint goin nowhere, cuz all ma dad said was life isn’t fair
He was true,
But he always said I believe in you
(yea) and that is my motto
life will never stop until it drops yo
so we will live foreva, me and you together
I aint neva stop until my life is that much better
Hold on let me vent,
Now that’s much betta
Track Name: Too Easy
Mike (verse 1)

Lost in a dream
Somebody woke me up
Reflected on the negatives I needed to give up
But, its hard to deal with all these problems on ma plate
These demons hold me down all I feel is dead weight
But when I look up in the mirror I remember ima star
And you can see it too it doesn’t matter who u are
My light shinning down u can see it from afar
And now im in the skies past Jupiter and mars
And now I come back
Like owens on a comeback
Covered at the hips im runnin fast I wont slip
I fell down once but not twice cuz I learned from the first
This life is just a game that I needed to rehears
Searchin for the truth, just trynna be the best of them
Putting competition in the ground like im wrestlen
Always goin harder if the limit be the sky
They ask who am i


its just to easy for me
im get faster ima get stronger
its just to easy for me
ima worker harder ima go farther
its just too easy for me, its just to easy for me, its just too easy for me

ima be the best that ever did it
homie if you down you can come and get wit it
im get faster, im get stronger, ima work harder, ima go farther
its just too easy for me (x4)

Stan (verse2)

Im the type of guy that will never be afraid
To chase after the dreams I had since a young age
Rewind back the time when lil dude he was eight
Standing on the corner tryna sell that lemonade
Dude this is to easy for me man I am elite
I can change the world, I can do it in my sleep
I had a feelin I was made to be the best that I can be
And im spread hard till theres nothing left in me
Now let me make it clear that im still right here
And I goin nowhere no matter what u fellas say
Cuz god is on the way and I don’t think he trynna play
But if u hurry up and quicken up ur pace
U can here the bass…
Yep, u cant believe me, im trynna tell yall its too easy
Cuz ima get faster ima get stronger, im work harder ima go farther



its how we doin it now
something primary
yea, ugh

steve (verse 3)
I'm starting of the song witta mean C note I'm reaching for the goal
like Ronaldhino, Excited bout dis thang like I won the bingo, i run
instead of pass like I was Timmy Tebow, Its colder than I thought and
so I rocked my peacot, I'm flying so high will I come down nope, my
spectacles and beanie keep me fresher than a pro, athelete Ima beast
if u ain't already know,
and I kinda like the clouds they get me closer to my dream, but when
It rains it pours pain i take my sacrifical beatin,
I'm keepin--notes in my dome while im sleeping,
dreaming--dinner on the boats in the evening,
my team is staying hungry for the meat no veagan,
And best believe it's time so u gon jump or stay there dreamin,
Yall dropping albums every year we drop em by the season, we gon keep
on believen'.....it's primary element
Track Name: In My Zone

im, im getting in my zone
and I know where im goin
and im almost there
ima get in my zone, time to get in my zone (x2)

steve (verse 1)

It's primary, element-tary, yall marry, well we poppin,
Not very like the other rappers hear the doorbell, well we knockin
Let's face it, we made it, I'm black Im proud I say
Ima take da freedom dey gave me-put the globe on sumethin primary
Never nervous, gotta purpose, always scoping, secret service,
Eeee girl take a step back, u lookin real shaky like 1st grade Cursive
In my bubble, gettin suttle, gotta twin so double trouble
In a nut shell, this music is to flow like primary elements to hustle
My goodness, look look look dey shook because im boomin, they told me
I could never do it they all sat there assumin,
The man up there's my source, swagg meters high of course,
Sittin on my grandmas porch age 5 talkin bout how I'm gettin dat porsche
I wonder, I ponder, will it be now, or next summer,
no matters, just realize that im bringing my durant thunder
So under, I'm higher, had a Goodyear like tires,
Entire future on my back, in my zone, and caint look back


stan (verse 2)


mike (verse 3)

and yes im rappin too, Ps and Qs like economics
ground breaking music I stay boomin like the plate techtonics
im moven fast like sonic, try not to bite ya knuckles
u n the passenger, drivers seat ma seat stay buckled
im on the top so novice
In college throw them D’s up
We party everynight like baby girl plz get them D’s up
She sloppy need to clean up
Im messin wit the baddest,
Penn state girls get it poppin ten bad joints in all my classes
Took a while for me to grow up, now im older so I see more clearer
In my zone like twighlight vampires cant see me in the mirror
And im so focused man
Grind all night all the way to the sun up
On the track like jessey owens yall too slow yall boys need to run up
And yall see these boys on the come up
Like the roots we trynna grow
Trynna make it all the way to the top if theres a place please let us know
Primary here and we aint goin so get use to me
Hip hop just got more flavor ima taste of what it use to be